The term “Dependa” has been widely used in the military community as a derogatory term to refer to spouses. It is a wide misconception that spouses are lazy, overweight, and unfaithful. We are referred to even by the DOD as “Dependents” but when you look beyond the surface we are FAR MORE than that! We are the warriors of the home-front. We may not put on a uniform, lace up boots and garnish a weapon but we fight battles none the less. As we wait in the shadows often times our careers, self-worth and mental health can suffer. We get lost in the shuffle.


Dependa Strong was created to remind spouse’s that we matter! To encourage and empower spouses to take an active role in their own well-being. Including physical and mental health. We also aim to create a sense of community that for too long has been absent. America has been a “nation at war” for the past 18 years and the effects of that have trickled down into the very fabric of our existence as military families. Sub-par housing, lack of employment opportunities, education accessibility for our children, and multiple deployments have taken their toll. It is time for our community to come together.


Regardless of rank, or service affiliation we are one BIG FAMILY. We are the less than 1% that bears the burden of keeping our country free. And that comes at a high price. If it effects just ONE in our community it effects us all. It’s time to realize that we are stronger TOGETHER. We are more than “Dependents”. When we stand together, hand-in-hand and bear one another’s burdens with compassion and understanding WE ARE DEPENDA STRONG.   

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